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Film "Meet the Parents "
In the Car. / Jack and Greg are on the way to the store/

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1. Say how Jack expresses his feelings towards Pam? Use the Present Simple and the Present Perfect , you can also use the following word-combinations:
- to mean something
-the time spent together
-really incredible

2 .Why do you think Jack is so worried when he learns that Greg does hate cats?

3. Give the English for and say who says these words:
-вилять хвостом
-счастлив видеть тебя
-тебе нужно самоутверждаться
-собаки поджимают хвост и отступают
-они опускают хвост между лапами, чувствуя себя побеждёнными
What to your mind is true about dogs?
How does Jack`s attitude towards cats characterize him?

4. Jack feels angry/worried/excited/suspicious/furious when he hears Greg speaking about the dragon thing. Which adjective suits the situation? Why?
What questions does he ask Greg?
Greg says that he is a pass on grass. How do you understand it?

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Место для Ваших отзывов

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