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Film "Meet the Parents "
Inside the house

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1. Find the English equivalent for:
-У тебя уникальная фамилия. Любопытно, как она произносится?
-А вот и ты , приятель.( обращение к кошке) Иди сюда, дружок.
-Это заняло у меня ещё неделю.
-Он даже научил его пользоваться туалетом.
Do you remember the situations in the film when they were used?

2.How could Jack teach the cat to use the toilet?
You can use: to design, to put it in, to get used to, to put something away
Pam`s mother doesn`t sound so optimistic about the cat using the toilet. She says, "But when he ( the cat) has a chance,...." Complete the sentence.

3. Greg doesn`t like cats. He says, "I......." Finish the sentence.

4. Pam`s mother feels .............. and she offers Pam and Greg to............. Fill in the blanks.

5. What does Pam ask her dad about when Greg followed her mother upstairs?
Why does she say it?
Do you think she and Greg have a relationship?

Эпизод №1; Эпизод №2; Эпизод №3.

Место для Ваших отзывов

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