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Film "Meet the Parents "

IN the Drive. ( a path leading from a street to a house)

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1. Find the English equivalent for:
-Малышка моя, как я соскучился.
-Что, водишь Форд? Цвет сам выбирал?
-Нет, парень за стойкой. А что?
-Говорят, гении предпочитают зелёный. Но выбирал не ты.
-Его багаж потерялся.
-И твой тоже?- Нет. мой был со мной.
-Ты моя умница!
-Я совершенно уверена, что всё обойдётся. Ну а пока, Greg, если вам что-то нужно, скажите.

2. Pam`s dad sounds rather ironical, doesn`t he? Why?
What doesn`t he like about Greg`s car?
Do you think he likes Greg or doesn`t? Reason it.

3. What is his attitude to Pam, his daughter?
How do you understand "That`s my girl!"

4. What about Pam`s mother? Is she more welcome to Greg? Prove it.
Does she try to console him when she learns about his luggage? / to console means to try to make someone feel better when they are unhappy.
What does she say to him?

5. What do you think Greg feels in the situation?
Choose: feel calm/ upset/ excited/ disappointed/ shy/ angry
Explain your point of view.

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