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9. "When you are good to others, you are best to yourself"

Ideas to include:
- making friends and influencing people is a gift
- practise being sociable and try not to lose friends
- be tactful , try not to offend others
- remember-if you are talking, you are not listening
- do not try too hard to be liked
- do not be self-centred
- body language and tone of voice are very important
- be optimistic, do not complain and criticize
- accept any sort of criticism, remember , you may be wrong sometimes
- keeping in touch with your friends can be difficult
- being ready to help is a sign of real friendship
- it is important to tell your friends your secrets
- talking about your problems is a sign of weakness

Go on with your ideas, then choose the ones you like more.

«Когда ты хорошо относишься к другим, ты уважаешь себя»

- умение обретать друзей и влиять на них является даром.
- практикуйся быть общительным и старайся не терять друзей
- будь тактичным, старайся не оскорблять друзей
- помни , когда ты говоришь, ты не слушаешь
- не старайся слишком, чтобы тебя полюбили
- не будь эгоцентричным
- язык тела и тон голоса очень важны
- будь оптимистом, не жалуйся и не критикуй
- принимай любую критику, помни, ты можешь быть не прав
- поддерживать отношения с друзьями может быть трудным
- быть готовым помочь есть признак настоящей дружбы - важно делиться секретами с друзьями
- признак слабости говорить о своих проблемах

"When you are good to others, you are best to yourself"

За помощью обращайтесь ко мне

Nowadays more and more people believe that being useful to other people develops you as a personality. This problem has already become definitely controversial.

On the one hand, being good to other people may really help you become a likeable and open-minded person. But do not try too hard to be liked. If you are open and sympathetic to others, they may reach for you and thus, you gain a great number of pleasant and useful contacts, which may help you in the future. Moreover, you should be optimistic, never complain and accept any sort of criticism. Remember you may be wrong sometimes.

On the other hand, in modern society some people cannot understand your good intentions. They may start using you for their selfish interests because they think that kindness is a sign of weakness. Other people are not aware of the fact that making friends and influencing people is a gift.

To my mind, if you are tactful, you cannot offend others. Nowadays it is so hard to be rightly understood. Practice being sociable and you will never lose your friends.

Finally, I should say that when you are on good terms with others and respect people, it develops your mind and character. (209)

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