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26. "School trips –are they educational or a waste of time? Should school trips be encouraged?"

«Школьные поездки - они образовательные или трата времени? Следует ли их поощрять?»

"School trips –are they educational or a waste of time? Should school trips be encouraged? "

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It is believed that going on school trips adds hugely to education. Some people are against school trips. They say that it takes children away from studies.

On the one hand, some nations do not normally require mandatory military service from its citizens, if it is not at war, such as Germany, France and some other countries. Many nations have no standing army and have no enforced conscription. Moreover, others have civilian, unarmed service alternative to compulsory military service, such as Finland and Norway. A professional, mobile, high-tech army, able to respond quickly to local and regional conflicts has been created in many countries.

Many people are in favour of the idea that trips with schools are invaluable as learning experiences. If they are well designed, they can make a learning process more exciting. The outdoors has so much to offer the young people of today. School trips come in all forms and sizes: from art galleries, museums, walks to the local park to a camping trip out of the city. They are some of the ways to make learning more appealing. Moreover, life skills such as self-reliance and personal confidence are developed in a fun and challenging way. Teachers cannot neglect this vital part of education.

To my mind, a single day in the field can be worth several weeks in a classroom. Learning outside the classroom can empower pupils to become more responsible and sociable.

In conclusion, I should say that school trips should be almost obligatory. It is also an ideal way to meet people from all walks of life. School trips can teach children respect each other and develop team building skills in a society. (270)

Перевод отдельных слов и выражений:
-Encourage school trips- поощрять школьные поездки
-be in favour of the idea- быть за
-school trips are invaluable- школьные поездки бесценны
-self-reliance-уверенность в своих силах
-personal confidence-самоуверенность
-in a challenging way--интересным и увлекательным способом
-empower pupils to become responsible and sociable- - давать ученикам возможность стать ответственными и общительными
-meet people from all walks of life-встречать людей из разных слоёв общества
-develop team building skills- развивать навыки (учёбы, работы) в команде

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