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24. "Some scientists perform experiments on animals. However, some people say that this is cruel and unnecessary ."

«Некоторые учёные проводят эксперименты на животных. Однако, некоторые люди говорят, что это жестоко и в этом нет необходимости»

"Some scientists perform experiments on animals. However, some people say that this is cruel and unnecessary. "

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In today`s world so many new products, cosmetics and medicines are coming out every day. Many believe that they should be tested on animals. There is no sufficient substitute for animals. Other people claim to stop animal experiments once and for all.

Thanks to animal research, heart surgery, blood banks and insulin have been found. Animals are used for testing cosmetics, household products, medicines for people and animals, pesticides, food additives, drugs, organ transplantation, vitamins and many other things. Most animals are purpose- bred, while others are caught in the wild. Moreover, some research about animals involves only natural behavior or pure observation. Animals are also used for education, breeding and defense research.

Experiments on animals are subject to much debate. Some people say that millions of animals are killed in harmful experiments every year. Animal rights and animal welfare organizations argue that it is cruel, pure scientific practice, that some of the tests are outdated, that it cannot predict effects in humans. What is more, in many countries one can become a doctor, vet or biologist without experiments on animals.

To my mind, making animal research is necessary in many ways. Nowadays, scientists know how to minimize potential pain, suffering and distress of animals.

In conclusion, I can say that nearly every medical achievement relies on the use of animals in some way.(244)

Перевод отдельных слов и выражений:
-sufficient substitute – подходящая замена
-Once and for all – окончательно
-Heart surgery – операции на сердце
-Food additives – пищевые добавки
-Most animals are purpose-bred – большинство животных разводят специально
-To involve natural behavior and pure observation – включает естественное поведение и просто наблюдение
-Breeding and defense research – разведение и исследования в области обороны
-Animal welfare organizations – организации, занимающиеся вопросами быта животных
-Predict effects – предсказать воздействие
-Medical achievement is relied on – достижение в медицине полагается на

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