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23. "Animals without owners have the right to live in cities, other people believe that they should be even put down. ."

«Животные, у которых нет хозяина, имеют право жить в городе, Другие люди уверены, что их надо умертвлять»

"Animals without owners have the right to live in cities, other people believe that they should be even put down. "

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Nowadays you can see a lot of stray animals in the streets of our towns and cities. This problem is vital. Some people are sure that these animals have the right to stay where they are, other people consider them very dangerous and insist on taking strict measures against them.

On the one hand, it cannot be the animal`s fault that it is stray. Many of them become lost and increase the amount of stray animals, others are left by their owners in the streets due to different reasons. Thus, it is our duty to take care of them, cure them and find these animals a new home or put them into the rescue centre. There are plenty of opportunities to reduce the number of homeless animals: local animal shelters should be organized, dogs and cats can be spayed and castrated and then put back in their places. Moreover, stray overpopulation should be made less painful.

On the other hand, many people are against stray animals, they are afraid to get the disease from stray dogs, for example. That is more, they support the “catch and kill” programme. Sometimes they take the stray animal to an animal doctor to put it to sleep.

I strongly believe that every living being has the right to live in the city, and I do not share this pessimistic approach to the problem of stray animals.

In conclusion, I can say that they must have a chance to live among us.(256)

Перевод отдельных слов и выражений:
-A stray animal- бездомное животное
-To put down - убить
-To take strict measures against - предпринять строгие меры против
-To reduce the number of - снизить количество
-To spay and castrate the animal - стерилизовать и кастрировать животное.
-Stray overpopulation - размножение бездомных.
-To get the disease from a stray animal - заразиться от бездомного животного.
-To put an animal to sleep - усыпить животное.
-To share/not to share the approach to some problem - разделять или не разделять подход к проблеме.

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