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21. "Many people enjoy watching television. However, some people believe it can be harmful."

«Многие получают удовольствие от телевизора. Однако некоторые люди верят, что это может навредить»

"Many people enjoy watching television. However, some people believe it can be harmfull."

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A lot of people like watching television because it brings them closer to other people and it is an effective means to educate them. Others think that it can influence our minds in a negative way.

On the one hand, people have a greater choice of what to watch, it gives information on a lot of subjects and it does not require much effort to watch it. Many programmes which are broadcast are educational. What is more, you can watch documentaries about environmental and social issues, scientific developments or anything that has won an award.

On the other hand, some people say that it gives a false impression about real life. They also believe that there is too much violence on television, which has a bad influence on viewers, especially young people. As a result, children turn to violence through watching television. Moreover, smoking is often shown as a very “cool” thing to do.

I am sure that television does have its good points and everything depends on whether parents can control the programmes they watch.

Finally, I should say that education benefits greatly from television. Many TV programmes reflect the needs of people and entertain them.

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