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13. "Sharing an activity is a wonderful way to make friends"

Ideas to include:
- keeping in touch with your friends is very important
- listening to their problems can often help
- being ready to help is a sign of real friendship
- be a good mixer( someone who enjoys meeting new people and talking to them)
- have a way with people /animals etc -to have a special relationship or connection with someone or something
- be mad about reading/ dogs/ travelling/ theatre/ dancing etc
- have 2/3 books at hand
- enjoy spending time together
- we have been friends for/ since...
- have much in common - have the same interests ( here you should speak about the hobbies, or the time you like to spend together. For example, being a theatregoer ( someone who regularly goes to the theatre), watching videos at home, attending a fitness club, taking some dancing classes etc.

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«Делать что-то вместе является прекрасным способом подружиться»

- очень важно быть в контакте с друзьями
- слушая о их проблемах может часто помочь
- готовность помочь есть признак настоящей дружбы
- будь общительным человеком
- иметь определённые отношения с людьми или животными
- ужасно любить чтение( собак, путешествия ,театр, танцы )
- иметь 2 или 3 книги под рукой
- получать удовольствие ,проводя время вместе
- мы дружим с ( в течении)…
- иметь много общего- иметь похожие интересы( здесь следует рассказать о хобби или о времени, которое мы проводим вместе. Например, театрал ( тот, кто регулярно ходит в театр), смотреть видео дома, посещать фитнес клуб, брать уроки танца и так далее

“Sharing an activity is a wonderful way to make friends.”

За помощью обращайтесь ко мне

A lot of people enjoy spending free time together.  Others do not like leaving their home, they say that they are quite satisfied with 2 or three books at hand.

It goes without saying that if you have much in common with somebody, you start spending more time together. For example, you attend theatre or go to music concerts regularly, take some dancing classes or watch video films at home. When you take up some team sport, like football and hockey, or go in for different competitions and contests, you get a good chance to make new friends. Moreover, if you are a good mixer by nature, it is much easier for you to be involved in different activities and thus, find new friends.

There are some people who are fond of staying home most of the time. They prefer keeping in touch with others using the Net or just a telephone. They say that having a way with people is also a good way to become friends. They are sure that being ready to help and listen to other people` problems are more important in friendship.

I strongly believe that when people do something together, they get pleasure from it and it helps them to get new friends and keep them for a long time.

In conclusion, I should say that if you are active, optimistic and open to people, you are sure to meet new people and become good friends with them.( 244)

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